Random Thoughts

The good thing about today's increased political polarization is that it's a result of increased consciousness of the current state of affairs. The bad thing is that the far right believes certain groups of people are the problem and the far left believes that the system is the problem.July 30, 2020
I wonder which countries wish they could export culture as well as Japan exports anime and manga.July 29, 2020
Is HAM radio the only alternative to the Internet for instant long distance communication?July 28, 2020
Twitter isn't good for my mental health and I don't know how long Mastodon will survive, so I decided to put some thoughts on here.July 27, 2020
TikTok does so well because of its huge middle class. They give a LOT of creators occasional tastes of virality so they keep creating content. The upper class is the verified crowd, who don't make content as high of quality as the middle class but reap all the benefits of TikTok's popularity. The lower class is the group that just consume the content but are still the backbone of TikTok's popularity (read: economy).July 27, 2020