Thoughts On Art

You don't need to be "creative" to create art.August 17, 2020
All business interests have negative impacts on pure creative expression.July 29, 2020
Horror film's idea of leaving the true horror up to the viewer is an excellent application of creative abstraction. The mind will naturally apply detail in the most terrifying ways imaginable.July 29, 2020
Artistic abstraction doesn't eliminate detail from the work. It moves the detail from the work itself into the mind of the viewer. You could even say it shifts the responsibility of applying detail from the artist to the viewer.July 29, 2020
Many artists are system designers. Rather than making a piece just to express themselves and leaving it a that, they envision how their work influences the viewer and how it can invoke thought or feelings about a subject or concept in the viewer. The artists, artwork, viewer(s), and subject(s) are all components in the system.July 29, 2020