2022 Resolutions

I've been tracking my yearly resolutions since 2018 now, and 2022 is no different. It's time for another list of goals I want to reach for the year. Some resolutions may be hashed for now, but I'll publish them if I reach the goal. You'll be able to verify that the string matches the hash once I publish it so that you're sure I'm telling the truth.

  1. Make at least 2 video games
  2. Learn at least one whole song on the piano or guitar
  3. Take and edit at least 24 RAW photos. I got an inexpensive little camera that shoots RAW so I can practice editing
  4. Write at least one article each month
  5. Be able to watch and understand an entire news segment in French and Mandarin without subtitles
  6. Average at least 9 hours of sleep throughout the year
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  8. Make and publish at least 12 3D renders
  9. Design a plasmid and have its genes expressed in a living organism
  10. Get some professional photos taken