2021 Resolutions in Review

I've been tracking my yearly resolutions since 2018 now, and 2021 is no different. The year has come to a close, and it's time to revisit the resolutions I made. Without further ado, let's get started.


  1. Write at least 5 blog posts in a language other than English, ideally French or Mandarin at least once each
  2. Speak and understand spoken French
  3. Reach at least $5k in revenue for MEZCLA
  4. Rollerskate backwards as well as I do forwards


As you can tell, my priorities drastically changed throughout the year in comparison to when these were made. Here are some positives.

  1. I graduated college!
  2. I started a full time job! I'm a Software Engineer at a fintech company
  3. I've had a consistent gym routine since May and I've gained a lot of good weight

I've spent a lot of time with introspection. I've been asking myself what I want from myself and from the world in addition to what I can give back to the world.

I noticed that since ~July 2020 I've had online fatigue and have slowly been spending less time on social media. I still lurk around here on occasion, and if you have a blog I've been reading it. But, I spend less time online for my mental health nowadays.

Ultimately this has been a year of exploration. I didn't *do* as much as I did in past years for reasons. But, one thing I did that'll increase my potential to do things in the future is explore myself, my interests, my past, and future.

What can you expect from me now?

I plan to slowly get back online more often, so if you're on Twitter you may start seeing me tweet more frequently again and maybe even interacting with others.

My love for biology (older than my relationship with computing) is returning, and you'll see me write about synthetic biology and adjacent fields a bit more. You might've seen the hint in this tweet.

More casual tweets. For a long time I almost exclusively talked about crypto or computers on there, and those won't be my only topics anymore.

You'll start to see me contributing to open source projects on main again. For months I contributed to some open source projects from pseudonymous accounts, but I'll be doing so from my main account again from now on.

This year was a slow recovery from a bit of a low point for me. See you in the new year!