Instruments On The Web

Recently, I remade my Polysynth project so that musicians can connect a MIDI conroller to it and jam. It uses the WebMIDI API and Tone.js to provide a web-based polyphonic synthesizer. Ever since I'd learned of the WebMIDI API, something like this has always been an idea of mine.

Quickly, the WebMIDI API is a set of interfaces provided by the browser that lets web pages interact with MIDI devices. This lets web developers build apps that work with instruments through a protocol older than the web itself.

Bringing this functionality into the project was made much simpler thanks to Monica's WebMIDI examples. The bulk of my development effort actually came from converting the logic to work more intuitively with Next.js.

But, MIDI controllers are just that: controllers. In the future, I may choose to make some kind of visualizer or who-knows-what. This was a day project, but I've learned so much in such a short period of time that it's inspired me to try taking on larger projects. What about a free web-based DAW? How about a looping tool? The fact that the web can make this software free, cross-platform, and not require any downloading opens up so many opportunities. Here's to more instruments on the web.